General terms of sale

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a) Rimor guarantees the good quality of the products supplied and commits, within the warranty period specified below, to replace the faulty parts free of charge or to repair them, at its incontestable discretion, as soon as possible. Damages deriving from normal wear and tear of components or due to improper or incorrect use by the user are not covered by the warranty.
b) The guarantee is valid for goods EXW (ex works) to the address that will be indicated by Rimor and is made available for pick up charged to addressee (customer). Possible costs for disassembly and re-assembly of the product will be paid by the customer. Rimor can, on request of the customer, intervene on-site with its personnel, to carry out the assistance service, but in this case all labour costs and travel expenses will be charged to the customer.
c) Rimor reserves the right to inform the customer where to send the faulty material DDP, if to Rimor or to another destination indicated by Rimor.
d) The warranty is valid for 12 months since the date of shipment (or notice of good ready) and expires afterwards even if the product has not been assembled or put into service.
e) The warranty will expire if the product has been in any way tampered with or if there are obvious signs of damages caused by incorrect storage, negligence or incorrect use. Each product comes with its own manual of use and maintenance to which the customer must strictly abide by, otherwise the warranty will lapse.
f) Rimor does not take any responsibility for the loss of data and programs as a result of malfunction and/or repair.
g) If despite several attempts, Rimor is unable to restore the product to a satisfactory operating condition, Rimor may - at its own discretion - reimburse the purchase price or replace the product with a functionally equivalent one. All items exchanged and replaced during the repair interventions will become the property of Rimor.
h) If the customer is not in compliance with the payments, the warranty will not be recognized even if formally due.
i) Any complaint must be sent in written form in compliance with the law otherwise it will not be valid and in any case it does not entitle the customer the right to suspend the payments.
j) Other warranty terms or different warranty durations will be applicable only if formally accepted by Rimor during the order phase.
II) LIABILITY As a result of the fault or during the time necessary to repair/restore the faulty product, nothing will be due by Rimor to the customer as compensation for non-production losses, expenses or damages. In any case, Rimor will pay only for charges related to the repair or replacement of the faulty product, in accordance with the methods indicated in the previous paragraphs.
III) RETENTION OF TITLE Rimor retains ownership of the products supplied until full payment for them has been made.
IV) ORDERS ACCEPTANCE Rimor reserves the right to follow up the customer's orders according to the financial situation of the latter. In particular, in the event of default on payments or obvious solvency problems, Rimor may not proceed or suspend the orders, even if a regular confirmation has been made or an agreement with the customer subsists. Rimor moreover will accept the order by proceeding with the supply, only if the same is correctly countersigned by the customer and agreed advance payments fees have been made.
V) VALIDITY OF BIDS Unless otherwise specified, the bids are to be considered valid for one month from issue date. In the case of agreed upon prices, any price change will have to be communicated by Rimor one month prior notice.
VI) DELIVERIES Deliveries are given for EXW (ex works) warehouse of departure, ready for delivery; Rimor does not accept any penalty on delivery delays in any way or form, independently from the reason of delay. The goods are delivered in minimum packaging on pallets for road transport. In the case of goods ready notice and possible invoice sending, the customer is required to pick up the goods within and no later than 5 working days; after this period Rimor reserves the right to charge the costs related to the storage of the material that will be calculated according to the encumbrance and type of products that needs to be stored. In the end, Rimor assumes no responsibility for any deterioration of the product, caused by natural events and /or theft that may occur after the 5 days indicated above.
VII) TRANSPORTATION For all purposes of law, the goods that are deemed to be accepted (and delivered) once they exit from our headquarters or secondary warehouses. The goods always travel at the risk of the Purchaser (Incoterms EXW).
VIII) RETURNS Returns of material are not accepted unless previously authorized by Rimor.
IX) PAYMENTS Payment deadlines are agreed upon at the time of order and must be strictly respected by the customer. Any delays in terms of payments agreed, will automatically cause the application of interest on arrears as per Legislative Decree 231/02. Payments can not be suspended by the customer even if there are complaints about the product and even if these recognized in the warranty.
a) Contracts even if stipulated with foreign citizens or entities, or for materials supplied abroad, are still regulated by currently in force Italian legislation.
b) The competent court is Turin.
c) Disputes do not exempt the customer from meeting the agreed payment obligations and do not give any right to any extension of the previouslty agreed terms.
d) The contract costs, its registration and the possible transcription of the reservation of property are charged to the customer.

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