General terms of sale

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GENERAL TERMS OF SALE (update: 02/2003)

a) Rimor guarantees the good quality of its products and commits, within the guarantee period below specified, to replace or repair, without any further cost, and under its unquestionable judgement, the defective components, as soon as possible. The warranty shall not be valid if the defect will prove to be caused by the components’ normal wear, or by a not correct/suitable application of the product itself.
b) Rimor will notify to the customer where to ship back, freeport, the defective material, if towards its warehouse, a reliable workshop, or the constructor itself.
c) The warranty is provided for goods delivered freeport to the address previously notified and they are returned at the expense of the customer.
d) Unless otherwise stated in writing and accepted by the customer at the order, the warranty is provided for a period of 12 months from the shipment date, period which won’t be longer even if the material won’t have been mounted or started.
e) The warranty shall not be valid if the product will prove to have been tampered or if there will be evidence of damages due to negligence or improper use. Each product is accompanied by its instructions for use and maintenance, which the customer must strictly observe, penalty: invalidation of the warranty.
f) If the customer fails to make payments in time, the warranty won't be provided even if formally due.

g) All claims, penalty: their forfeiture, must be sent in writing according to the Law terms, and anyway they don't allow the customer to stop the payments.

a) Nothing will be owed by Rimor, as compensation for losses in production or any other kind of direct and indirect damages, either after the damage neither during the required time for the repair/restoration of the defective product. Rimor, in any case, will bear the costs for the repair or substitution of the defective product, in terms previously indicated.

The supplied products shall remain in the property of Rimor until the date of their full payment.

Rimor reserves the right to process the orders of the customer depending on his balance sheet. Particularly, in case of payments failures or evident solvency difficulties, Rimor is entitled to not process the orders, even in presence of regular confirmation or agreement with the customer.


Unless otherwise stated, the offers have to be considered valid for a month after their issue date. In case of agreed prices, any cost variation shall be comunicated by Rimor with one month prior notice.

The delivery times refer to goods at our warehouse ready for being shipped. Rimor does not accept any kind of penalty for late delivery, whatever the delay cause.

To all effects, also in law terms, the goods shall be deemed accepted (and delivered) at the time they leave our headquarted or any peripheral warehouse. The goods always travel at customer's risk.

No returned goods will be accepted which won't have been previously authorized by Rimor.

The payments deadlines are agreed at the order and they must be compulsorily respected by Customer.
Unless otherwise stated in writing, shall be considered valid the deadlines established by Legislative Decree 231/02, in force since 07/11/02
Any late payment will be processed according to the Legislative Decree 231/02.
All claims and complaints concerning the product, although recognized in the warranty, don't allow the customer to stop the payments.

a) Contracts, even if agreed with citizens or foreign entities, or concerning goods supplied abroad, are governed by the Italian legislation in force.
b) The competent jurisdiction is Turin.
c) Any dispute shall not allow the Customer not to respect the agreed payments deadlines, and shall not allow any extension of the agreed terms.
d)The contract's amount, its registration and any transcript of ownership's reservation shall be borne by the customer.

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