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Rimor soundproofing

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Soundproof cabin brochure  

Why Rimor?

The soundproof cabins are especially appreciated for their support structure that is designed to be easily built on site holding the soundproofing panels without damaging them with holes and allowing their easy substitution whether needed.

The range available includes the “large” series with the cabin’s dimensions to 10 m of light, without internal columns.

Also the accessory range is wide, available for the access and it is possible the integration with the internal gantry for the movements. The cabin’s appearance is designed to satisfy the needs of environmental harmony.

High acoustic comfort and environmental isolation through patented rimor material and innovative design

Types of cabins

Cabins are classified in small, large, package, cover and tailored line according to dimensions, material and client demand.Moreover they can be equipped with various accessories, as for instance ventilation, temperature and humidity control systems.


•      Flexibility and versatility                                   •      Customized covering for machines
•      Innovative composite material                        •       Compartmentation systems assemblabe
•      Easy assembly process                                             worldwide
•      Modular structure                                              •      Solutions with ventilation and conditioning

Small line

•  Quick assembly with simplified instruction
•  Self-supporting panels
•  Structure made of galvanized sheet without need of painting
•  Swing or sliding doors, manual or automatic
•  Equipped with ventilation and climate control for every need
•  Industrialized cabin with profiles made through high precision laser
•  Chance of walk-over (but no load-bearing) ceiling according to customer requirements

Large line

•  Quick assembly with simplified instruction
•  Cabin with a single beam structure up to 10 meters without internal columns
•  Modular system extensible
•  Possibly equipped with light, ventilation, climate control, cranes, doors, windows, mezzanines, etc.
•  Normalized profiles through carpentry works
•  Chance of walk-over and/or load bearing ceiling according to customer requirements
•  Versatility for several usages as quality control, dark rooms, etc.


Package line

Package line are soundproof systems with devices already included by rimor.
It has several advantages listed below:
•  Internal process systems according to costumer requitements.
•  Input and output interface so that the client has only to link his pneumatic/ electric/ plant connections.
•  Maximum compactness and minimum obstruction.
•  Monobloc structure easily trasportable and with no assembly required.
•  Easy internal accessibility.
•  Customizable in size and accessories(filtering unit,diverters,granulator,dosing rotary cell,separator cyclone,etc.)

Tailored & Cover line

For solutions that minimize size it’s possible to choose between these options:

1. Cover line
- Smaller than Small line and customized for
the device
- Easy access for maintenance

2. Tailored line
-  Tailorized on the device
- Chance to choose the coating color without
additional cost

For both solutions easy transport is assured. According to dimensions and costumer requitements  welded  and bolded models are available.

Filtration, ventilation, conditioning and internal movement

Inside cabins it’s possible to integrate systems and machines according to costumer needs.   These ones can be filtration system ( centralized or not, internal or external), ventilation, conditioning, crane or other devices that facilitate transport of treated object.

It’s cetified according to current European norm in Ed2 class. It can offer high control in soundproofing,in environmental temperature or both of them. Moreover
it’s indecomposable with no decay over time


The soundproof material called Rimor Silent is a compound of flameproof carbon, inert plastic materials and fibres alloyed with additional flameproof compounds. It's a long-lasting material and it has been used for years in several applications. Rimor has produced a version of it suitable for industrial machines and provided with adequate consistency and thickness for the applications.

Rimor silent materiale insonorizzante

A silencer filter is placed on the fans' inlet, in order to reduce its emitted noise and, simultaneously, filtrate the air suctioned by the fan.  


The fan can be soundproofed by an aphonic cabin made with steel or aluminum  section bars , with aphonic walls covered by the soundproof material known as "Rimor Silent".

Cabine afone per ventilatori

The mushroom-shaped silencers are used to reduce, in restricted areas, the noise amount coming from the fans' inlet.

Silenziatori a fungo

The aphonic cabin is used, in the industrial field, for the soundproofing of fans, pumps, burners and various machineries. Rimor cabins, pleasantly shaped and versatile, are able to reduce the machine's noise and, simultaneously, they allow the  cabin's perfect ventilation.

Rimor - Cabine afone per bruciatori

The Aphonic cabins for synchronous and asynchronous generators are able to reduce the noise coming from generators combined with turbines and fly-wheels.

Rimor - Cabine afone per generatori
Silencers with aphonic material Rimor Silent for ducts and fans....

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