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Industrial fans

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Industrial Fans

Why Rimor?

Industrial fans with particular features that make them competitive for applications with hot flows up to 1000°C and also for applications where a reduced noise level is required.

For this purpose there are the soundproof cabins, the silencers and the ROTOCABE. Special execution are produced as wear resistance, fan with nitrogen fluxing seal, liquid and dust sealing with Atex certifications, fans for Syngas, Denox and biomasses.


Guaranteed reliability, resistance and performance
in every Rimor series fans.

The rimor fans are manufactured in series according to the most traditional design criteria or on order, special (custom-made), realized with the most effective systems and industrialized in order to obtain high performance, finally with robust structures (line Heavy Duty Fan)


Rimor fans are built on series, on demand, special (customised) following the traditional design criteria and with the most efficient industrialised systems and heavy structures (Heavy Duty Fans lyne) in order to obtain high performances.

industrial fans


industrial fans


industrial fans


industrial fans




industrial fans industrial fans industrial fans


Actuation and regulation through inverter IP54 and compartmentalisation through different types of valves (round, dapò, knife and flap valves).

industrial fans

Noise accessories

Fans insulation can be performed through different instruments:

silencer filters, Rotocabe removable soundproofing, soundproof cabins with covered panels in Rimor silent or mineral wool. industrial fans


Installation and Anti-Vibration


measure joints syngas

Technical card Industrial Fans

Types of Fans

Standard Fans serie
A centrifugal fan is a machine, used in order to achieve a physical type to its internal process, with the aim to increase the pressure of the gas passing through it, in particular air. The increase in air pressure, causes a positive difference with the outside or, in the case in which the flow is close to the environment, a negative difference (depression) in its suction branch. This difference, since two different pressure environments to tend to the minimum energy state or maximum quietness, causes a flow of air, as occurs in the formation of winds (due to such a difference in pressure linked more to a difference in temperature or humidity between two zones). The centrifugal fan is called in this way because, unlike other machines, the flow direction is centrifugal, from the center towards the outside.
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Rimor standard fan

Heavy duty fans series
The Heavy Duty series Fans' made in order to meet the needs of harsh environments that require the performance and durability and stability. All materials are produced by laser cutting with precision 0.1 mm. The case is entirely welded - the impellers are made via front disc - rear plate with reinforcements - impeller triple reinforcement (input rings - Rear ring and ameriore - intermediate ring) pressures attainable with single-stage 0.25 Bar - High balancing - turned hubs coupled by welding. The blades are curved backwards or forwards shovel type curve - with curved input profiles. The series is made to measure for the flow rate and the design pressure.
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Rimor heavy duty

Inox Fans series
Centrifugal fans Stainless series is equipped with technology rimor for impellers with reduced delivery times - the case is made of steel AISI 304 or 316 laser cut with precision 0.1 mm and welded with TIG - incoming prisoners placed on the mouthpiece suction - welded chair and folded reinforced with angle - can vertical and horizontal installation - up to diameter 400 twin series to series RBP and RBPR - REU - pickled surface finish - machined AISI hub with connecting bolts AISI - possibility of realization polished for both the impeller that for the case.
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Rimor inox

Multistage Fans series
High pressure series with fans in series - the fan in series is capable of raising the pressure of shares equal to ca2 times the single-stage - the fans are positioned in horizontal or vertical version with fully welded connection pipes and decoupled by means of joints vibration - the fans are the RP series. And 'possible to realize the series of fans up to 4 stages as they can ensure up to 0.5 Bar pressure or depression. The fans of the multistage series are positioned on unique chassis support and connection of the individual fans.
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Rimor multistage

Type of Fans - Generator Flow

Helical series
The winds of fans gear are born to generate a flow on the front of passenger cars and motorcycles during the test phase to get the EU 5-6-7 certifications according to ECE regulations. This law provides that the output, divided into sectors, has an average speed and a deviation of + -10% from the mean value, which in turn has to return up to 50 km / h in a 10 km / h and error in addition to a maximum 5% error with respect to the set speed. The helical machines are made by means of sturdy with precision thickness 0.1 mm body by laser cutting. The machine is suitable to operate without rear space so as to maintain maximum performance also with bodies placed posteriorly - the entrance with windows permits the correct distribution of air to the impeller ensuring the performance and uniformity. The output is determined in size tailored to the application The machines can reach 200 km / h speed with output capacities even of 150,000 m3 / h or more with temperature -40 ° in special execution The impellers are made by co adjustable hub wing technology firm and pre-post distributors. The terminal block allows the connection from the outside. They are equipped with wheels and screw lifters, manual gearbox or automatic gearbox Electric.
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Rimor helical fan

Centrifugal series
The series centrifuge provides the use of centrifugal fans blade forward or reverse high efficiency with mouthpiece inlet deep drawn and deep-drawn front counter plate. The output is realized by means of change of welded section and is obtainable in the form of the required output. Capable of working at temperatures down to -40 ° C - with special execution - the movement is on wheels and is available with lifting screw, gear box or electric. The achievable speed is 300 km / h with capacities of 150,000 m3 / h and more. The series is matched to rimor inverter drives and to the braking resistors in order to achieve compliance with the variable speed cycles
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Rimor centrifugal series

Serie punti caldi
Suitable centrifugal fan to be placed on elevating headframe or on castors and is hooked up to the hose outlet extendable with 1/3 ratio of glass fiber material with start and stop on board or adjustment with electrical panel Inverter- available Adjustable nose height and rotation output - handling on wheels or fixed on base - guarantees an output speed of 120 km / h - with pressure up to 150 mm H20 - positioned in harsh environments from -40 ° C - lifting systems are welded and secured by screws safety.
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Rimor hot point

Serie Mining
The mining series is made by means of helical technology. The fans are entirely welded by means of the central body - with welded chair with with aeraluico profile study in order to ensure noise contained and efficiency of the impeller - The impeller is realized by means of airfoil blades with rotatable Aluminium axis or glass-filled nylon - l ' input and the output of the machine is provided with coupling flange thick to silencers. The input and output silencers are realized by outer body and inner body. The cavity is insulated by means of material Highly efficient sound-absorbing cover with rimor silent rot and flaking protection due to air flow - the interior is protected by a removable network to eventually replace the deadening material - the electrical connection terminal board placed outside and is made of an internal connection
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Rimor mining


Seals Flow
(Of fluxed sealing system in which it is possible to inject air or other inert gases so as to prevent the escape or entry of air from outside - the shaft seal is placed)

Sealing grease chamber
(Held in room with corteco to extremes and injection of fat within the system via automatic or manual suitable to safeguard security of gas-tight and the entry of air from the outside.)
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Rimor valvole

Water Seals
(Seal that prevents water present in the internal stream from exiting the fan and damage the engine - the water seals are applied in situations where the water is an element present in the form of steam but not to condensed).
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Rimor valvole


Atex zone 22 e Atex zone 21
(Fans with certification for 2G zones D and 2 for gases and dust or dust and gas zone 1 - with certification and combined with the partitioning systems that allows you to downgrade the part of the electric motor)
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Rimor valvole

Heating Accessories

Cooling fans
(Series 1-piece cast aluminum cooling fans connected to the shaft, and Series 2 with rimor solution created by ventoline individual in laser cut aluminum connected through with key cutting bushes)

Removable insulation
(Series ROTOCABE insulations of removable fans to be able to replace the rock wool - anchored to the case by single arrows locking of the rock wool - outer cover performed in a removable and replaceable for aluminum superificali temperatures up to 40 ° C)

Cast refractory internal
(For temperatures beyond 1000 ° C - with cast refractory within accuracy with embedded inserts and arrows for locking of the outer case).
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Rimor valvole


DAPO’ Valves
(Dapo the valve is made with several blades which move simultaneously moved by a motor shaft and a series of levers located on the circumference - plates applied by means of double bearings and inlet bushing; placed on the suction mouth it allows to reduce the fan curve towards the low, working in a different way from a loss of load but allowing to modify the curve)

Rimor valvole

Inverter Panel IP54
(IP 54 inverter placed inside or in covered environments is a system that contains an inverter placed within a protected environment from G3 replaceable filters and aerators placed inside IP54 certified)

Rimor valvole

Clapè valve output
The check valve is assembled with the body thickness 3 mm +2 mm / pressure class flanges with thickness of 3 mm + 2 mm / pressure class - of the central plate with actuation shaft on bearings - input section with 100% of the section passing the free opening of the plate - support the replaceable plate gasket. Valve positioned on the output of the flanges of fans of speed flows of up to 45 m / s.

Rimor valvole

Guillotine valve output
(The guillotine valve is equipped with a plate of handling of plates with sliding material suitable to the temperature - the linear seal to the outside is provided with packing adjustable and replaceable - the connecting flanges are made with thickness of 3 mm + 2 mm each pressure class - replaceable body and removable. the series provides a slip of work locations)

Rimor valvole

Round or square multi throttle butterfly wings
(Series of round tubes with sealing classes and special performances (see section rimor valves).

Rimor valvole

Noise Accessories

inlet silencers mushroom
(Silencers made of galvanized sheet steel laser cut with coating by rimor silent rot-proof and sound-absorbing material coated with carbon support)
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Rimor valvole

Silencers filters
(Patent rimor filtroplus with silencer and filter integrated in order to ensure the noise reduction of the suction intakes and filtration in reduced spaces - runs in laser-cut plate with round execution with perforated metal sheet or body panels with integrated silencer performed with rimor silent sound absorbing material does not rot)
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Rimor valvole

Silencers Output
(Series of silencers made of galvanized sheet steel and coated by rimor silent rot-proof and sound-absorbing material coated with carbon fiber)
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Rimor valvole

removable soundproofing ROTOCABE
(Cabin patented unvoiced rimor with rotatable pitch and noise trap especially in performing ECU suction blower blow molding solutions - made solution with galvanized or painted sheet metal laser cut and adjoining the fan structure)
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Rimor valvole

Soundproofed cabins
(Made of extruded aluminum profiles and galvanized panels lined with sound-absorbing material does not rot rimor silent with carbon fiber coating or in the version with rock wool panels covered)
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Rimor valvole


Pressure taps
(They are located on the supply or on the fan intake and can be connected to portable instruments Significant flow rate or fixed with the signal sending 4-20 mA or 0-10 V - can be matched even fans with hot flows through the coil positioned between the socket pressure and Tool browses)
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Rimor valvole

Flow outlets
(Patented system rimor with positioning of a sensor in a given position, allows to evaluate with similar error to the other tools, the flow rate flowing into the fan)
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Rimor valvole

Mounting Accessories

Support frame
(Frame made with extruded Fe - welding and entirely painted with holes for fastening to the floor and support of anti-vibration mounts directly or fan)
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Changes in section and cones on the output and input
(Section changes executed with particular system rimor from square octagonal with simple and robust profiles run in welded painted sheet steel - or round section in inches - with the possibility of finishing the change of section with flange or smooth - cones input smooth or flanged
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Rimor valvole

Antivibration Accessories

Antivibration supports
(Bell-shaped supports made with lower support Molded and galvanized iron on which is intimately fused the anti-vibration rubber - upper support printed intimately linked with anti-vibration rubber - cylinder version with double galvanized screw or bell with 2 supports lower bushings and superior support single loop and ability to increased traction compared to cylinders that)
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Antivibration Joints
(Anti-vibration joints made possible in 5 series: Series 1 with two hose clamps suitable to lock the canvas or the connecting tube 2 smooth pipes - Series 2 with welded flanges connected together by reported canvas and anchored to the flanges, suitable for low pressures - series 3 with monoblock coupling to ambient temperature and up to 150 ° C multistrado with integrated fabric flanges and blocked from the external flanges and shows those of the pipes to be connected - execution of the same series 4 3 series but with the possibility of high temperatures up to 1000 ° C - 5 series as series 4 but with the possibility of high temperatures and pressures up to 1000 ° C and 1000 mmH2O)
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Rimor valvole

Difficult conditions and Syngas

Electrical track
(The fans for harsh, cold and with condensing environments environments are equipped with heat tracing in order to stabilize the surface and internal temperature of the machine so as not to create condensation or precipitation)
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Rimor valvole

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