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Balancing systems

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Why Rimor?

Rimor, thanks to the use balancing machine CEMB, ensures the balancing reducing vibrations bringing benefits to the machines and ensuring less wear.

Rimor guarantees a quick and simple solution to keep under control the problem of the vibrations of all the applications in which there is an object in rotation.

Through the use of portable tools, able to intervening directly on site to measure the vibrations of machines in operation, offering: analysis and diagnostics, balancing using memorized programs, and printing custom certificates.

With these tools, Rimor, is able to issue your own certificates balancing and residual vibration.



balancing system

The Rimor by CEMB balancing system

Unbalanced rotating bodies cause vibration and mechanical stress, which are transmitted to the machine’s entire structure through the supports. Field balancing reduces the amount of vibration, improving the machine’s overall condition and reducing wear.

For electric spindles and machine tools this also means better quality machining.

Reduced stress on the bearings, and consequently reduced temperature, energy consumption, noise and maintenance frequency with a tangible reduction in costs are just some of the benefits offered by field balancing.

With N300, CEMB meets the needs of both engineering companies and maintenance personnel who, now more than ever, need a compact and ergonomic balancer close to hand at all times. Ease of use and quick intervention are N300’s strong points.

N300 can be used to measure the overall vibration value (ISO10816-3), take synchronous measurements (1xRPM), and for field balancing of rotating bodies on one or two planes, with one or two sensors.

Thanks to the backlit graphic display and intuitive “step-by-step” software, even occasional users will find N300 easy to use. The quick coupling connectors can be used to connect two independent and simultaneous measuring channels and a photocell

balancing system

The report

N-Pro, Professional Environment for N-Instruments, software.
This software can transfer all of the data recorded by the instrument and automatically file it by simply pressing a button. It can be displayed, processed, analysed and employed to generate reports in PDF format or on paper at any time.
The standard report forms supplied with the software are suitable for the most common situations, but new fully customised forms can also be created, satisfying the needs of even the most demanding clients.

Equipment for on site interventions

Standard accessories:

- 1 heavy duty, high resistance, water and air-tight
carrying case.
- 1 acceleration transducer
- 1 connecting cable for the accelerometer
- 1 magnetic base
- 1 probe
- 1 18000RPM photocell complete with upright and
magnetic base
- 1 USB data cable
- 1 roll of reflecting tape
- angle rule
- battery charger
- quick instruction manual
- instruction manual on CD-ROM

Optional accessories:

- Second complete acceleration transducer
(cable, magnetic base and probe)
- Complete velocity transducer
(cable, magnetic base and probe)
- Optic fibre photocell (60000RPM) complete
with upright and magnetic base
- 10 m-long extension cable for transducers
- 10 m-long extension cable for photocell
- 5 m-long sensor cables
- Data management and reporting software,
with standard and customised report forms.

balancing system

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