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Mining fans

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Why Rimor?

Mining series is relized by helicoidal technology.

Fans are made with welded central body, with welded chair; study with hydraulic profile so as to ensure contained noise and efficiency of the impeller.

The impeller is devised with airfoil blades with rotatable axis in aluminum or glass-filled nylon.

The input and output silencers are made by outer body and inner body.

Inside is protected by a removable net to eventually replace the soundproof material.



Ventilatori serie mining e per lavori stradali

Mining series

Rimor produces important equipment for road and mining operations.
Acoustic and aeraulic studies and complete ventilation projects.
The Mining Rimor series is a complete range that includes the following equipment and processes:
- helicoidal machines mono / multi modular stage;
- Centrifugal machines for long distances;
- Electrical panels for harsh environments;
- Electric motors for construction sites;
- Accessories for ventilation;
- Engineering for the sector;
- Aeraulic calculation and design;
- Acoustic calculation.

ventilatori mining e lavori stradali

High power machinery (up to 400 kW) that are used to ventilate the tunnels being excavated and mines.
The ranges start from installed power of 1 kW up to by: 300 - 400 kW machines in series with that can reach 2,400 mm.
Rimor, thanks to its know-how in terms of acoustics and noise reduction in the workplace, made machines with sound
levels reduced thanks to the use of Silent Rimor (carbon composite material flame retardant, inert plastics and textile fibers
bonded with components added flameproof).
Machines ideal for application in: Galleries, tunnels being excavated, to be ventilated environments, railway tunnels, water
tunnels for hydroelectric power plants, mines.

ventilatori mining e lavori stradali

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