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Cement industry and roadworks


cement industry

The presence of one of the most important groups in the world has allowed us to acquire the special skills and cutting edge.

Prompt delivery for parts needed for cement production

Fans for cement works

General characteristics:
The ventilators for cement works are constructions where the rimor places particular attention to the strength, dusty environment and the maintenance requirement.

The range is divided into: furnace combustion air fans, fans for ducts, Fans for dust removal.
With powers up to 500 kW and temperatures up to 750 ° C with important acoustic accessories.

The materials used include the use of iron for standard applications.
AISI is to improve the resistance to the corrosive environments that for the temperature, and Hardox or other wear-resistant materials.

fans cement industry


General characteristics:
The operating temperatures reaching 700 ° C, whereas the pressures can reach up to 1000mmH2O.

Dapo valves:
These valves are widely used where it is required an adjustment or partitioning of the air flows.
control valves are achievable Dapo with diameters as low 250mm up to 2500mm and pressure values of up to 15000 Pa.
catalog valves are available in Fe 360, 304, 316, and other wear-resistant steels.

Butterfly valves:
The butterfly valve Heavy is the ideal machine to have a seal up to 99.9% with high accuracy of construction.
it is possible to operate up to 900 ° C.
The available range of diameters from 400 mm up to 2500 mm diameter.
The materials are the same as simply valve, Fe 360, AISI 304, AISI 316, wear-resistant material, Corten, Hardox.

Square valves:
The Heavy square valve was created in the cement industry and is normally given in the anti-wear materials such as, for example, Hardox 400 and is used in heavy duty applications.
The sizes start from 400x400mm up to 2500x2500mm.
On request even higher dimensions are achievable.
The expected thickness range from 6mm up to 20mm.
All valves have made the preparation for the electric / pneumatic drive attack.

fans cement industry

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