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CAMIT Sandblasting and Painting

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cabina di sabbiatura mista Impianto di sabbiatura per lavorazioni con abrasivo inox cabina di sabbiatura a getto libero Cabina sabbiatura partner Sabbiatrice compatta SAB1 Sabbiatrice compatta SAB1
SANDBLASTING PLANTS production with stainless steel abrasive
Compact Sandblaster SAB1


RIMOR And CAMIT A WINNING TEAM: 50 employees and a production capacity of 4000 square meters and two premises with advanced production machinery. The two companies joined forces to increase the potential of both, operating in a synergy of experience and proven expertise in various industry sectors, which will enable Camit to face the international market of blasting and blasting equipment, supported by a solid commercial structure capital control, which Rimor. Thanks to its flexible structure and high performance machinery and the Camit 'can design and build plants blasting and painted with customized solutions. The use of high quality 'Camit of components allows to realize systems with a low content of maintenance. The large spare parts warehouse enables Camit to be able to intervene in case of extraordinary maintenance quickly. Further study on Camit site for sandblasting and painting equipment

Plants for the treatment of metal surfaces



Camiti impianti di sabbiatura Camit impianti di sabbiatura

The plant allows to manually accomplish the blasting on metal details and also on unusual and large size shapes in a controlled environment. The plant realisation is carried out with minimum civil works.
The standard chamber is designed for inside collocations. On demand, CAMIT can provide to outside installation with an appropriate coverage.
The plants are realised in different types to guarantee the best production and environmental conditions to the client. For the operator’s safety all the entries have a microswitch system and visual indicators attached to a sequential control of the operative system, controlled by a PLC on the electrical panel.
The plant is composed by many units that, following a programmed sequence, carry out a specific function inside the whole process system:
- modular cabin equipped with entries, lighting and securities in compliance with the regulations

- automatic recovery system of the abrasive material scattered on the ground and transport to the selection system for the slags elimination
- aspiration system of the powders produced during the working process inside the cabin, that guarantees a constant operative visibility and filtrates the air to be released into the environment

Camit impianti di sabbiatura

CAMIT designes the sandblasting rooms with modular panels, an optimal solution that presents the following advantages:
• quick assembly;
• high noise-related control;
• lighting uniformly distributed on top with an average 500 lux;
• easy relocation;
• dimensions easily exchangeable.
All the components are specially designed to guarantee a high wear resistance.
Special extraction hoods on the chamber’s walls complete with anti-trasport system, connected to the dust remover.

Camit impianti di sabbiatura
Camit impianti di sabbiatura

SPECIAL PLANTS ( big dimension manufactures / mixed processes )

Realisation of outdoor special plants with self-supporting and motorised structure, plants with fixed or mobile operator walkway, in line combined plants for automatic blasting modification, top input for overhead crane, etc.

Camiti impianti speciali


The painting plant with manual sprying is realised with modular structure and roof and walls are reinforced with sandwich panels.
The working area dimension is carefully planned, based on customer’s need. If the manufactures handling will require overhead or similar, it’s possible to design an open cabin with the same filtration and suction systems.
Suction with calculated dimensioning for the air flow necessity, realised “on wall” or “on floor” with gratings.
Camit realises painting plants with medium and big dimension structures, equipped with a filtration system capable to offer a continuous painting.
The filter unit is composed by pre-filtered and active carbon sections. The intake group directs the air below the gratings, avoiding the powders raising, and deposits the exceeded residues through a filter series.
Our cabins are designed to allow the painting process through various varnish in a safe way for the operator.

Camiti impianti speciali


Metallization is an anti-corrosion process more advanced and expensive. It requests a high level sandblasting (minimum SA2,5/SA3) and a good roughness to the thickness required. An eletric arc with compressed air, sprays on the treated surface some molten metal. Every process involves different types and dimensions of the particulate with variable powders concentration that can be explosive and/or flammable. Fires and explosions can be a potential problem, so a correct ventilation is required.

Impianti di metallizzazione


Manual washing cabin with operator, suitable for big dimension components. Underground or raised grating, tank for waste water collection, intake group with relative filtering system, lighting system.

Cabine per lavaggio


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