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Compact ventilation unit - RECUBE plug fan

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Recube Plug Fan  

Why Rimor?

Ventilation unit, Rimor’s patent, compacts named RECUBE, is able to obtain excellent performances in small spaces.

They can be built and placed on machine for coating, rotogravure, flexography and lamination; they allow the integration on board of the recovery energetic systems, of the insulation systems, solvent control, flow and pressure, particularly appreciated for the controlled noise and the easy maintenance.

The product was studied and designed for 6 years before being introduced in the market (2008); lately in fast grow thanks to great leader’s customers that use it on their machines.



recube plug fan

Rimor produces RECUBE series solution for heating, process temperature control and compact
drying problems

What is RECUBE Plug Fan

This is a patented air treatment system, that will give a valid alternative to the traditional UTA or CTA systems, and also to the PLUG fan (with direct fan) with particular attention to the performances (10 points higher than the traditional one) and to the easiness of usage, maintenance, application on site. It is possible to integrate filters and heaters on board, with a wide range of accessories such as valves groups and heating groups.


Series from 1.000 to 100.000 m3/ h


RECUBE Plug Fan high

Easy access to filters and heat exchangers which are integrated into the machine without external plenum, optimizing thermal and airflow performance.

RECUBE Plug Fan alta

RECUBE Plug Fan high temperature

Resistant up to 750 °C for direct gas heating with insulation and performance benefits of stirrer fans RIMOR.
Transform any room in a heating furnace potential.

RECUBE Plug Fan alte temperature



RECUBE double e triple

What’s RECUBE System: The new generation of ventilation

Recube is a new ventilation system made by rimor Recube is a new concept in industrial ventilation and processes that involves air: Leader recognized system in many industries fields.
Rimor has more than 100 plant made in Automotive fields: Melfi, Pomigliano Fiat Serbia, Pernambucco with her technologies

recube system

The CUBE concept

SKY installation

sky installation

The Agility of the solution

agility of solution

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