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Venturi plant for trimmings handling and transport

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Venturi hot gas extraction and recovering  

Why Rimor?

Series of particular solutions that allow the hot gas’ extraction producing air flow with the Venturi principle.

The system is an alternative solution to the ejectors and allows to work with hot gases above 1000°C controlling the pressure and avoiding important losses, that is not reachable with traditional systems.

The system is also modulating that is changing the primary air quantity it modulates the induced air.

Another line is the recovery’s construction for high temperatures without losses on the combustion, used to raise the stoking air of the burners up to 500°C without losses and with a great long-life thanks to the lack of visible welding of the flow.



RECUBE Venturi with integrated by-pass

Monoblock compact system of the RECUBE series. The RECUBE series provides
monoblock systems to avoid fittings, pipes, joints and to optimize spaces and time
during the assembly for testing, transport, the disassembly and assembly on site

Venturi easy

  • The compact monoblock system
    of the Venturi RECUBE series
    consists of:
  • High efficiency backward-curved
  • Large Inlet cone
  • By-pass valve with set screw
  • Regulating system for Venturi,
    with set screw
  • Soundproofed suction line
  • Venturi pressurisation chamber
  • Extraction chamber for returned
    air with precision drilling
  • Power up to 22 kW


Venturi systems

Venturi systems with by-pass technology

By-pass technology induces a flow rate at a specific
pressure, that generates the trimming suction.
Q: induced airflow rate
Pr ind: induced pressure
This pressure is generated by
P pri: Q air supply
Pr pri: primary pressure

Due to the by-pass technology, the induced flow
rate and the primary one do not add together in the
system supply duct. Thanks to the recirculation
system, you get the subtraction of the
Pric= Q_bypass
which is then taken back to the fan by a specific

RIMOR Venturi Plant

The transportation of trimmings is carried out by means
of high performance Venturi systems, tested through fluid
dynamic simulation using Dassault Systèmes software.

Venturi easy

  • Compact soundproof fan, ROTOCABE series
  • Highly efficient and
    adjustable Venturi
  • Venturi with by-pass
  • Smooth, hot dip
    galvanized and low
    surface roughness piping
  • Quick-connect pipe fittings
  • Large-radius curves
  • Hatches for inspection

Venturi systems accessories

They can be inserted both in the RECUBE Venturi system and in the Rimor Venturi easy 1

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