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FEM and CFD analysis

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FEM and CFD analysis


Why Rimor?

Rimor realizes fluid dynamics simulation studies to foresee the flows inside the machines, environment, the fans and machines’ behavior, structural simulations, thermal simulations inside the furnaces, insulation, heating and cooling times, tempering and agitation tanks studies, study of air to air heat recovery and heating behavior, plenum and facilities in order to optimize and predict the behavior of air flows.


A virtual test room with best tools for thermofluidodynamic analysis to fulfill Rimor expectations and costumers demands

ANALISI FEM E CFD Sala prova virtuale Rimor

Analysis type and targets

Rimor provides an advanced simulation system which allows to realize FEM and CFD analysis and testes.


• Internal analysis

• Analysis for third account

• Design, verification, optimization ( know-how enrichment, technical recognition, problem solving)


• Velocity distribution

• Pressure distribution

• Idraulic loss (pressure drop)

• Thermal analysis

• Steady state analysis.

Thermal transient

Experience in thermofluidodynamic time dependent analysis.

Transitori termici

In the pictures above it’s showed an example of cooling and heating system during a transient 0-100 s varying numbers of ventilating faces.

PLENUM behavior

Experiences in thermofluidodynamic analysis varying number of outlets and inclination angle.

Comportamento di PLENUM

In the pictures shown above, example of air distribution analysis on blower and air recovery.

Conduction and convection

Rimor has been collected wide experiences in heat conduction and convection for a wide range od products both in design phase and for verifications required by clients.

Conduzione e convenzione

Example n°1: conduction in transmission through shaft

Conduzione e convenzinoe

Example n°2: convection furnaces, aerothermal CFD analysys in steady state condition

Cooling times for sheets and bodies

Cooling times for sheets and bodies are analysed varying required mass flow and product features according
to costumers will.

Tempi di raffreddamento lastre o corpi

Example n°1 for sheets: solution for tempering glass blower simulating conduction and convection

Tempi di raffreddamento lastre o corpi

Example n°2: convection furnaces, aerothermal CFD analysys in steady state condition

Venturi, trims sunction system, ejectors

Rimor has been collected many experiences in thermofluidodynamic analysis of fumes sunction and extraction, so Venturi and ejections systems.

Conduzione e convenzione

Example n°1: thermofluidodynamic analysis of Venturi system

Conduzione e convenzinoe

Example n°2: analysis of furnace combustion fumes
sunction and extraction subjected to heat exchange
(conduction and convection)



Conduzione e convenzione

In the pictures example of default parameters performance verfication of a radiant panel

Granular Flow

Conduzione e convenzinoe

In the pictures example of analysis for printing and converting system

Valves behavior: joining, regolation and seal


conduzione di calore

Example n°1: CFD analysis and seal study of a Butterfly valve

Simulazioni termofluidodinamiche

Environmental distribution

It’s possible to realize CFD analysis for internal environment in every possible scenery, with objects of any geometry and in any position inside or without objects as well.

analisi fluidodinamiche

Example: simulation in sandblasting and painting cabin, the last picture shows CFD analysis with a body inside. In order to have a precise result a mesh optimization was made for contact faces body-fluid.

Heat exchanger behavior, furnaces insulation and air distribution analysis

Conduzione e convenzione

In the pictures cross flow heat exchanger detail and CFD analysis

Conduzione e convenzinoe

Example of CFD analysis of a tempering furnace using temperature and domain space scaling in order to have a reliable and accurate model

Impellers FEM analysis and their perfomances

Analisi FEM giranti e loro prestazioni

In the pictures thermal analysis of centrifugal impellers and line chart of blade load profile.

High pressure fans

conduzione di calore

Example of performance and geometry fan verification

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