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Silence finishing and living

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Soundproof processing stations
Compartmentalizations and environmental conditioning

Silence finishing and living

Soundproof cabins for indutrial purposes

Silence Living line
Environmental compartmentalizations

For noisy locations living solutions as mess halls and relax area are available. Rimor solutions are able to transform working areas in locations where workers can maximize their efficiency and quality:
1.When requested, Rimor can provide
soundproof ventilation facilities with high efficiency in centralized or local configurations. 2.Rimor can use systems aim to diffusion
through perforated channels.
3.Solution WITHOUT DOORS are available as
well, as they offer confort ensuring also the highest safety and quality standards.

Silence finishing and living
Silence finishing and living

Ventilation and conditioning sistems

Rimor projects, constructs and installs ventilation and/or conditioning sistems able to operate at the same time in a range of different environments, even if the latter ones are adjacent to each other and their features are quite different. For instance the picture on the left shows how it's possible to have a dusty area next to a controlled temperature environment which is connected to a humidity controlled area as well.

All Rimor's cabins are projected in order to be assembled and disassembled in a very short time (as a matter of fact a 30 m3 can be disassembled in one day). This allows an easy, fast and mostly economic relocation of work areas

Silence finishing and living assemblation
Silence finishing and living assemblation

Silence Finishing Line
Soundproof working locations

For noisy and polluting working Rimor can offers also entire work stations specifically projected for operations as grinding, sandblasting and welding. The Rimor working stations are oprimized in order to obtain the best in:
1.Noise reduction
2.Fumes and dusts sunction
3.Low cost filtration
4.Zero maintenance costs

Cabins have workbenches with trolleys for transport of objects that have to be worked. This solution allows a remarkable time saving for the transport from a station to another one.

Silence finishing and living assemblation

Inner suction system

Silence finishing and living assemblation sunction system

The inner suction system has a unit capable to preselect thick dust so they can't enter in the main filtration unit. The advantages are the following:
1.Very high operative cost reduction
2.Maximization of the filter cartridges life
3.Speed reduction in pipelines(15m/s)
4.Noise reduction in the flow
5.Wear reduction in the parts subjected to
dusty flow
6.Accounting the maintenance costs
reduction the system can be payed in 5 years

External aspiration system

The external aspiration system, as filtering, uses silensed automatic dedusters.Il sistema di aspirazione esterno, come filtraggio, utilizza dei depolveratori automatici silenziati. The advantages are the followings:
1.The AUTOMATIC system cleaning
upstreaming through compressed air
2.Flow and pressure control through inverter
3.Soundproof structure which ensures
70–75 dB(A) one meter distant
4.Possibility to assemble the filtering unit
inside the working area

Silence finishing and living assemblation aspiration system

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