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Electrical asynchronous motors

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Master distributor Marelli Motors  

Why Rimor?

Rimor is Master Distributor of Marelli Motori SPA.

Master Distributor means treating the products of Marelli Motori such as generators, three-phase and single-phase asynchronous electric motors with prompt deliveries

The prompt delivery is a winning, covering a power range of up to 200 kW and over.

The warehouse is the basis for realizing special machines, such as executions for inverters with servoventilazioni and special designs for automation: PTC, PT100, executions in class F, class H for high temperature, special voltage, 500V, 48V, 12V, with bearings isolated.

No shortage of engines in efficiency 1, also in the new run in IE2, the new wording of the EFF1, to ensure high efficiency and high yield

The engines are ready alternative to repairs and engine overhaul.

Particularly sensitive to the problems, we have developed electric motors for fans, or in specific fields such as Machine (for example bricks drying).

The generators for hydroelectric power, whether asynchronous or synchronous, are an important activity for Rimor. The Rimor operates throughout the country and internationally.


Master Distributor MARELLI MOTORS

Technical data

If the environmental conditions are different from those settled by the directive IEC
60034-1§6 (continuous operating s1, 50Hz, environmental temperature 40°C and an
altitude up to 1000 sea level) the power is obtained by applying a suitable factor
based on the following table.




Marelli Motori has got a long tradition which goes back to 1891, when Ercole Marelli founded the Company. Thanks to the expe-rience gained in over 100 years and its excel-lence in production, Marelli Motori has beco-me a leader in many sectors among which: power generation, petrolchemical, marine and industrial , providing a complete range of low, medium and high voltage motors.
These high quality products are obtained by means of well-prepared people who take care of selling and provide a full technical service able to satisfy our client’s needs.
Working centres equipped with computers, impregnation VPI, 3D measure systems, di-gital and IR diagnostic instruments, all com-bined with the Marelli motori’s experience in design and construction of machines, ensure the excellence and guarantee a full reliability.

TESTING ROOM Marelli Motori disposes of the biggest testing room in Europe, for tests which guarantee the high quality of the product with the issue of the final testing certificate together with the report of all the statistics collected during the test development
WORLD SERVICE Moreover, the division MarelliService comple-tes the offer of Marelli Motori products with a efficient and resolutive after sale service, fully cooperating with a production reality that has been producing electrical rotating machines for over 100 years.
WORLD PRODUCTION By means of the Italian headquarter, and all its foreign branches in the Uk, Germany, Malesia, South Africa and United States, it provides a rapid and high quality service all over the world and delocalised production sites in China.


Rimor is Marelli motori master distributor sin-ce the late 90s.
The development and production of special motors and projects inside the Company has allowed over the years a high level manage-ment of assistance and spare parts.
Rimor has got a full testing room to provide the customers with a complete service.
Rimor has got the most complete Marelli Mo-tori warehouse of Italy with prompt deliveries for machines up to 200kW, and all the possible construction varieties together with accesso-ries as servo-ventilations, temperature probes; there are more than 8000 items, ready, in the warehouse among which: fans, inverter, pumps and many other special components.
Rimor produces, at its headquarter, special applications among which marine standards motors according to the directives of the pri-mary certification bodies
Rimor has been providing since 2009 its own inverters, designed and developed for the dri-ve of Marelli mortori motors.

The Rimor Ltd is Master Distributor of Marelli Motori SpA.
Master Distributor means treating the products of Marelli Motori such as generators, three-phase and single-phase asynchronous electric motors with prompt deliveries ....

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The Rimor manufactures electric motors for over 20 years with its own brand, for small and medium series and for special applications.
More than 500 applications to deliver the electric motors based on the extensive experience gained over the years.
Applications and design of customer specific .....

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Rimor soundproof casing for asynchronous motors. Acoustic treatments with soundproof cabin and inner coating made with Rimor Silent which allows to reduce the motors noise in working environment in according with the related directives in force..... ....
Anti-condensation heaters
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Increased protection levels (IP56 – IP65 – IP67)
Hole for the condensation discharge
H Class insulation
Execution for power supply by inverter..
Spare parts for electric motors and Marelli Motori Rimor ready for delivery ...
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