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Suction and shredding of trims from plastic films in line - paper and aluminum

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Trims suction and grinding  

Why Rimor?

Rimor has two aspiration systems for trims: by venturi or direct. There are 3 treatment lines: fragmentation, grinding and in line recovery on extruder.

The Venturi system is on recovery with bypass and it is a part of the Recube venturi series, that is a one-block machine, silenced up to 22kw, that is an alternative to the classic plants, that require higher costs for mounting and that normally do not have the bypass.

Particular attention to the noises and to the easiness of usage are the main features of the Rimor’s systems, used also in the recovery in line of film extrusion plants.


Suction and shredding of trims from
plastic films’ in line (paper and aluminum)

Complete systems suitable for suction and return of trims

and their shredding, for being then sent to the extruder. The monobloc system is complete of all components.


Soundproofed fans with Venturi

Mono or double Cyclone

The Soundproofed Fans, booster model, with Venturi system are used to suck materials.

To reduce the noise, only sound-absorbing materials “Rimor Silent” are used, that have been certified “Ed2” according to the directive in force.

In this way, an efficient and optimal result is guaranteed.
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The separator cyclones are usually made of galvanized and painted sheet or painted steel Fe 360 or stainless AISI 304.

The cyclones produced by Rimor are available for performances up to 50.000 m3/h.
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Joint for trims connection

Inlet for suction of trims

Metallic flexible pipe

with an useful shape, in order to provide a connection between the transported trims without jamming. with an aerodynamics hap e able to collecttrims avoiding any kind of problem with simple or double frame for trims transport.

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Valvola by pass Diverter

used for deviationof both trims and mashes ON/OFF LINE.T he diverter bypass valve, although being particular in its construction, it’s really useful for the“ capture and transportoftrims”, thankstoitsfunctionalfeatures, whichgenerallybelongtoavalve
operatinginthefieldofsystems. Thisvalveisable, withapneumaticmotion, tosplit the flow thanks to the movement of the internal plate.
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inverter IP55

for the suction of dusty air or with
material in suspension. They
can be used in many fields of
industry as the manufacture
of plastic materials
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L’ inverter IP55 a bordo è una
on board is an Italian high
quality production by Rimor.
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Complete range

Cyclone’s rotating cell for discharge

of filters separating the dust for the release into environment, with dedusting sleeves or cartridges.
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The valve is designed to be installed under filters and cyclones. The universal flanges on both sides of the valve are pierced and they’re suitable to be matched with
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Fans for shredded, shredding, recovery and shredding trim (trim systems recovery twin fan, trims recovery system monobloc), discharge (rotary valves), deviation (on off diverter valve, modulating diverter valve), dedusting (bag filters, filters depolvera bulls ), separation (individual cyclones, double cyclone), catching trim (nozzle, dual trimming union, metal piping, plant venturi (venturi with adjustable discharge), film kilns (ovens ventilated car).

The management of trimmings and their shredding is now an important process to the production of plastics system profitability. The Rimor offers its experience in the design and construction of plants for this area.
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Fans for the dusty air suction, or with materials in suspension, find applications in various fields of industry and can, in fact, be used in plastics processing. The inverter board IP55 is an Italian production of Rimor quality.
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Ventilatore con inverter a bordo

Full range of dust separators filters for release into environment dedusting sleeves or cartridges.
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Filtrazione Finale

The Rimor manufactures machines that facilitate the pneumatic transport of waste and shredded plastic.
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Ciclone doppio

The soundproofed fans booster type with venturi systems.
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Suitable complete plants intake of the wire and to their revival and the extruder shredding. The one-piece system is complete with every component.
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