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Furnaces and foundry area

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Foundry and Furnaces  

Why Rimor?

Piedmont provides many producers of furnaces and heat treatments among the best, and Rimor gained with them a really important experience.

Nowadays, Rimor guarantees consulting and engineering skills for all furnaces manufacturers, by the production of designs, fluid dynamics calculations and ad hoc products.

Over the years, Rimor has collaborated with companies as : Gadda industries, Olivotto Ferrè spa , Danieli Centro Combustion spa, Bono Energia spa, Farm New Brass srl, Hi-Tech engineering srl, Sidforni srl, Sms Meer, Baltur spa, Novellini spa, Marcegaglia spa. Today, Rimor produces and sells fans for combustion and for gas extraction, high temperature regulation valves, stirrers for handling air inside furnaces, special motors for operating at high temperature, heat recuperators , coolers and drives with inverter.




Combustion air

They’re machines able to produce and process the required air (comburent) for the combustion process, process that can only take place in presence of the required oxygen for a complete combustion of a determined fuel amount.

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Air furnaces handling

A furnace must guarantee good performances in matter of process time. The heat is transferred by radiation, conduction and convection. In order to increase the convection, whose role in the furnace heating is prevailing, the air is moved (a little trick),

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Rimor produces components for the tempering water treatment (aside from the tempering air ones). For this specific sector we produce components able to move and manage the main fluids (oil, water)



Rimor produces and sells components and systems for the handling inside furnaces, for the drive area (vectorial inverter).

inverter vettoriali


The cooling of parts which have been thermally treated is necessary for the performance of next processes or to obtain surface hardenings or core ones (air tempering). Rimor provides many solutions and components in order to obtain the best result as possible, by means of simulation studies and construction of fans.


Energy recovery

The matter of air recovery from the bottom of the heating process is deeply analyzed for the treatment optimization. Rimor is absolutely present in this field, with the classical recuperator air-air and with exchangers air-water, aside from other solutions out of business.

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Gas extraction

Rimor produces systems and solutions to realize the gas inlet with the right pressure inside the furnace in order to enable the heat processes with a more accurate class. Both the direct extraction of gas with fans at high temperature, and by induced air, are constructional specialty of the company, that has produced a system for Marcegaglia spa, with 50 extractors from bell-shaped furnaces

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Hot spots cooling

Rimor designs and sells systems for the fluids cooling, able to guarantee to some parts of machines, used in the furnaces sector, to operate in non critical temperature conditions, thus improving their efficiency and lifespan.

Simulazioni termofluidodinamiche Rimor

Smoke extraction

The Rimor offers direct suction solutions or indirect smoke:

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These are machines that allow to generate and treat air (oxidizing) required in the combustion process, a process that can only occur in the presence of oxygen required to burn in a complete manner a quantity of fuel stability ...
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An oven must guarantee performance in terms of process time. The transfer of heat by radiation, conduction and convection. To increase the convection that covers a dominant share in the reheating in a furnace, using the 'make-up' to put the air, thus greatly increasing the so-called convection coefficient and evens the temperature in motion ....
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The rimor distributes Euroventilatori fans for dusty air up to a capacity of 24000 m3 / h and pressures till 6000 mmH2O .....
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The rimor produces components for the tempering treatment in water (in addition to those for air hardening). For this sector are realized components capable of handling and managing the main oil and water fluids.
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The Rimor sells and manufactures components and systems for the movement inside the furnaces: gates, rollers, lifting and load management, both in the electromechanical (motor + reducer) is in the drive (vector inverters) ....
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The cooling of the details that have undergone a reheating heat treatment is necessary in order to carry out subsequent treatments, or in order to obtain surface hardening or to the heart (air hardening). The Rimor realizes different solutions and components in order to determine both with simulation studies that with the construction of the fans or of the machines, the best possible result ....
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The possibility of recovering the energy downstream of the heating process is a very popular field in order to optimize processes. The rimor is present in this part of the process, both with classic heat recovery air-air, you know, with air-water heat exchangers, as well as special solutions are not in the market ......
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The rimor offers a wide range of components for the treatment and management of exhaust fumes from the kilns. It is therefore suitable products to work up to 900 ° C made of materials suitable for such temperatures, such as Corten, 304, 316, AISI310 ...
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The rimor dimensioned and realizes cooling systems fluids to ensure to some parts of the machines used in the ovens sector (see electric motors) to work in conditions of temperature not critical so prolonging the life and efficiency ......
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