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Automotive Area - climatic cell - testing solution

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Why Rimor?

The fans’ series for Automotive Testing, on the market for more than 15 years, includes:

- Wind machines also for ECE cycle certificates appreciated for the wide range of performances
and for their configuration;

- Hot points’ cooling (particular solutions to cool with fixed fans or carts);

- The ventilating walls composed of many fans in order to generate a big dimension flows.
For this applications, are used also valves for the motor counter pressure, combustion air and
cell ventilation both cooling and climatic.

Special products are the coupling tester at 1000°C and 1 Bar, the Lambda probes’ and ERG’s
test and the anemometer machines’ test.



Rimor srl has gained, over the years, a great experience in the field of automotive testing industry, fans and
machines for roller dynamometer, climatic cell, working with Italian and European companie such as: AVL, Angelantoni spa, Control System, Flexider, Sixtau spa, Simpesfaip spa, Magneti Marelli, Fiat FPT, Iveco, Husqvarna motorcycles, AVL China and Lamborghini. Nowdays.

Rimor designs and produces: wind blower for roller dynamometer, wheeled coolers for hot spots, exhaust gas suction systems with valves and soundproof fans for high temperatures, testing systems for flexible connections between engine and converter, filtration systems for braking test, complete intake and outlet equipment for climatic cell.


What’s RECUBE System: The new generation of ventilation

Recube is a new ventilation system made by rimor Recube is a new concept in industrial ventilation and processes that involves air: Leader recognized system in many industries fields.
Rimor has more than 100 plant made in Automotive fields: Melfi, Pomigliano Fiat Serbia, Pernambucco with her technologies

recube system

The Cube concept

SKY installation

sky installation

The Agility of the solution

agility of solution

Speedfan for roller dynamometer single-stage
and Centrifugal speedfan for roller dynamometer

Many years of experience have produced a complete range of
Wind Generator up to 300 km/h

simulazione vento di marcia

Wall fans

wall fans

Simulatore aria calda manicotti

System for simulation of working conditions
with hot air for exhaust manifold testing.
The airflow generated goes up to 1000°C 1BAR It’s possible to realize the TUV and PED
certification for the machine.

Simulatore aria calda manicotti

Testing of Lambda and EGT Up to 1000°C

testing of lambda
Vai a valvola gas alta temperatura Vai a depolveratore per freni Vai a botola aspirazione banco a rulli Vai a raffreddamento punti caldi Vai a manicotti flexider Vai a ventilatore per aerodinamica Vai a ventilatore alta temperatura estrazione gas Vai a ventilatori immissione ed estrazione fumi Vai a Kit immissione ed estrazione aria Vai a vento di marcia


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