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40 years of history

La sede Rimor In 1968, Ercole Marelli S.p.A. employed a newly graduate electrical engineer, Enrico Avonto, for its Turin branch, to strengthen its technical sales department. At the time Ercole Marelli S.p.A. had several plants that produced electrical motors, air fans, pumps, electrical panels, automation systems and electrical, aeraulic, pumping, air-conditioning systems and so on.
It was a very sought after job position, as in Ercole Marelli it was possible to gain advanced skills in cable transport, sheet metal processing, thermal powerhouses, hydroelectric plants, industrial air treatment, processing pumps and water pumps installations; moreover it was possible to produce in collaboration with Fiat Nucleare turbo alternators and other components for nuclear power plants planned to be built in Italy. As a consequence of the 1987 popular referendum on nuclear energy, the Italian government decided phase out the existing nuclear power plants.
In the following years, the splitting up of Ercole Marelli S.p.A. in smaller companies with independent ownerships led to the transformation of the Turin branch into a distribution firm, led by that same electrical engineer, who had by then gained wide experience. So the individual firm ‘Tecmar’ of Eng. Enrico Avonto was established.

The Founding of Rimor

Rimor head officeIn 1987, Rimor S.n.c. was founded by Enrico Avonto and two business partners, in order to follow the market on behalf of a group of companies created from the splitting up of the Ercole Marelli Group, that later became Marelli Motors S.p.A..
In 1995 Rimor S.n.c. moved to its current location in via Luigi Santagata 43 in order to have a larger warehouse and from here in particular the Marelli Motors Master Distributor activity carried out for electrical motors and generators has been run successfully. In 2004, after the other two business partners retirement, Eng. Alessandro Avonto joined the company alongside the founder Eng. Enrico Avonto.
Subsequently Stefano Avonto joined the company as head of the Production Planning & Control department.
By then the company was managed by the Avonto family, with Alessandro Avonto as Chief Executive Officer.
The passage to the second generation with both its innovative attitude and its experience led to the understanding of the market’s need for specific products, widening the availability and range of finished articles in the warehouse, but more importantly it led to the development of Rimor’s engineering capabilities in order to develop and manufacture products in-house.

Rimor locationA series of important investments in machineries, technologies, softwares and employees decided by the company’s management contribuited to the development and growth of Rimor S.r.l.
In June 2014 the new headquarters (adjacent to the old one) construction was completed. The company started working in a total area of 3’000 meter squares with 400 meter squares of office space.
In 2014 Rimor invested important financial resources in research and development, which allowed the company to successfully access highly technological national and moreover international markets.
In 2015 Rimor’s acquisition of Camit S.r.l., a company specialized in sandblasting and painting systems, expanded Rimor’s network in the market. Nowadays the Rimor Group has over 50 employees, in addition to external consultants and collaborators. They are mostly young people who can express their abilities concretely in a stimulating and innovative environment.

Rimor S.r.l. is a company that is continuously growing and it is seen as a reliable and competent partner.
Nowadays it has the historical role of Master Distributor for Marelli Motors S.p.A. and moreover the role of qualified producer of aeraulic and soundproofing systems for a wide range of industry sectors.
Several patents developed in important sectors in recent years show Rimor’s know-how and vitality in its field.
The “Health and Safety on the Workplace Management System” already operative and of which its certification has been requested, allows employees to work in safety, improve their performance and results.
The obtainment of the ISO 9001 certification by R.I.N.A. and the EN1090 certification by T.U.V. guarantees and demonstrates the validity of Rimor’s products and projects.

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